Married life: Billy Mays

Mr.: I just saw an Oxi-Clean commercial with someone else doing it.

Mrs.: Well, yeah, Billy Mays is dead. Did it suck?

Mr.: I just watched it for a second. It didn’t do anything for me.

Mrs.: Did Billy Mays do anything for you?


My favorite things: Coffee

Today, because it’s the weekend before thanksgiving and just looking up recipes on the internet gave me panic attacks, I decided to post a nice easy post about something I truly love.

This is coffee from a local roaster and coffee shop, Heavenly Cup. I recently got into a great conversation with the daughter of the owners. She explained to me how meticulous her dad is about his roasting. He sends her samples to try out new roasts, and he is just devoted to getting it right.

I have to tell you, his dedication really shows. Every cup I ever had in the coffee shop was so delicious that Mr. Thor and I decided to forgo buying our coffee in the grocery store and start buying the beans exclusively from Heavenly Cup. What a great idea. This is our third pound so far. Coffee used to be just kind of daily medicine just to kick start my brain. I would fill a travel mug every morning and leave most of it in my mug. No more – now coffee is a pleasure that I anticipate. This may seem like hyperbole or flattery, but I assure you that I am dead serious.

I have tried other local and regional roasters in an effort to spend my money locally and support small businesses. I am a coffee snob in my own way, and this is the first place I have purchased coffee that I would describe as perfect.

It makes a heavenly cup, if you will.

(ha, ha, ha)

So, if you’re stumped for gifts or stocking stuffers, or just sick of your coffee, consider Heavenly Cup. They even have a gift page and offer a sampler. Honestly, though – you’ll probably just want a whole bag.


Frenetic Friday

This post is sponsored by my achy front tooth (because my sinuses hate me), too much coffee (because I was hungry), and too much to do (why I drank more coffee rather than eat).

What are you doing this weekend? I am cleaning like a madwoman, hanging a cutain or two, and washing about 50% of my sheets and blankets. I am going to try to prepare as much as possible in advance, because I AM HOSTING THANKSGIVING at my place. Mr. Thor’s mother and brother will be coming down to stay with us for a couple of days.

This is me, not freaking out.

Also, I am going to try to pre-blog for next week. I know I have been leaving some of you hanging on The Story of Us… Next week I will post more.

Thank you for reading and commenting, and encouraging me. I am very thankful for the thoughtful feedback you have taken the time to give, both here and on the Mrs. Thor facebook page. I am not exaggerating when I say that many days, it keeps me typing here.

I guess, what I’m trying to say is…

I love you guys!!

Help a sister out.

So, I have this way that I like to think of myself: creative.

I’m definitely a creative thinker. I often create things in general, and I often think about creating still more things.

But I have a confession to make.

Most nights, for dinner, I have one of two things: chicken sausage or chicken breast.

I don’t mind that my dinners are mostly made of chicken products, but I only have one setting when it comes to cooking chicken: The three amigos. Basil, Thyme, and Rosemary, and a little pepper (because pepper goes on almost everything I cook).

My "famous" chicken.

So, there it is. Most of that chicken will be consumed in one of two ways:

-doused in Frank’s Red Hot Wings and fried with a torn up string cheese in a wheat tortilla

-shredded up and turned into chicken salad.

Help. What else can I do with chicken that fits well with healthy eating?  Or, vegetarians, what are your favorite alternate sources of protein?

Just wondering. I am seriously stuck in a rut over here.

The Story of Us: Blooper reel

I should mention that our journey from co-workers at “the dirty store” to Mr. and Mrs. Thor wasn’t all smooth sailing.

When I first moved back to New York, I was staying with an old friend – a friend I’d known since high school. A friend who tended to act impulsively at times.

I think that this friend (can we call him Jimmy? Let’s call him Jimmy.) got sick of hearing about my crush on Mr. Thor, and one day Jimmy stopped in the Dirty Store and invited Mr. Thor over to the house for dinner, and Mr. Thor accepted. I was horrified, terrified, and delighted. I lived with a gay man, a lesbian, and three Chihuahuas. Nothing to be nervous about at all, right? I knew very little about Mr. Thor at the time, and I certainly didn’t know enough about him to know where he stood on the important issues, such as: Chihuahuas – are they born that way or do they choose to be all weird and trembly?

The day of the dinner finally came. Dinner went smoothly. All of the people around the dinner table seemed to really be enjoying themselves. The one and only “person” who seemed to feel awkward was Jimmy’s Chihuahua puppy, NoNa. She shook whenever she looked at Mr. Thor, and she growled and hunched down low whenever he spoke. Jimmy held NoNa in his lap as we all sat around the cleared-off table and talked and laughed.

And then Jimmy did something that I still don’t understand. In an effort to help NoNa “get over” her fear of Mr. Thor, he kind of tossed her across the table in Mr. Thor’s direction. Unfortunately, in mid-air, she realized where she was headed, and rather than land on Mr. Thor, she kind of stopped her own flight and landed on the table. But then, the table was kind of slippery, and she, as I put it, “Bambied out.” Her legs went out and she went down. And this dog was officially in a full-on panic.

Mr. Thor took pity on the pathetic creature before him and he picked up NoNa with the goal of setting her on the floor. She did not, I repeat, she did NOT approve. She contorted, she snarled, she snapped, and Mr. Thor only got her to about a foot from the floor before she just shot out of his arms and sprinted out of sight.

And then we all smelled it. It smelled like poop. Fresh poop. Everyone started looking on the floor for the offending pile, but not me. I already knew what had happened. I looked at the object of my as-yet-unrequited love and saw, almost as in slow motion, that his khakis were covered in what looked like little droplets. Like someone had flicked water on him, almost.

I had to tell him. “That smell is coming from…you. She expressed her anal glands on you.” I pointed at the drops on his pants, and I braced myself. I just knew he was going to cuss out the “stupid bleeping dog” and go off on a tirade, and then everything would be over.

Mr. Thor just kind of shrugged. “Well, that’s understandable. She felt threatened. Anyway, they’re just pants.”

That is the precise moment I knew I would marry Mr. Thor.

Monday: Let’s think about something else.

Today is a Real Monday, one that feels like a Monday and makes me want to crawl back under the covers until Friday. So, in honor of a bad day, I will give you one of my all-time favorite recipes.

Fancy Macaroni

This is not just a side dish of macaroni and cheese. This involves bacon and half-and half. And it is magical. Take it as a side dish on Thanksgiving, or Christmas, or New Year’s Eve. Feed this to someone this year.

But, if you’re taking it to a party, make sure you take the first serving. Because in the time it takes you to get a plate and walk back to the pan, you will be left with nothing but what is stuck on the serving spoon.

Sunday: Happy Snaps



Eggs in a basket. From chickens I saw with my own eyes.


Once upon a time, I bought a cabbage bigger than my head for $2. I didn't know what to do with it. My dad saved me, and turned it into sauerkraut.


Sunny day walk with Mr. Thor.


New journeys.

The little things

This weekend, it really has been the little things making me happy.

I took a vacation day yesterday and spent the day “tooling around” with my husband. We cleaned and organized, took a load to the Salvation Army, and dropped our old TV for recycling at React.

Then we went shopping for a few things at Target, and my list had the following written on it: “new welcome mat?”

I hate, hate, hate the welcome mat that was here when we moved in. It was one of those bristle kind, but that’s all it was – no pattern, and practically worn down to the nub.

I found a new welcome mat. It’s nothing amazing, but it was exactly what I was looking for. And, I took a picture, but my SD card reader seems to not want to read my SD card at the moment. Let’s just say that IT MADE ME HAPPY.

I can leave you with a picture of another little thing that made me happy, just this morning:

Just like Grandma used to make.

I finally used my grandma’s old egg poaching pan. The picture is only of the tray that goes in the pan. The actual pan is positively ancient, and beat all to Hades, dinged and dented and the lid barely fits right. But when I saw it in my parents’ garage, I begged to have it. I fondly remember this thing and the delicious poached eggs that used to come out of it when I was a little kid staying overnight at the farm. I realize that I am lucky to have this memory.

Happy eggs.

Veterans Day

Veterans. I feel like I don’t have the proper words to thank them, ever.

I appreciate the sacrifices that veterans make. Even though I know that someone like me, who shuffles along life on the path of least resistance, can’t even fathom what it really “takes.”

I do know that it takes guts, and hard work, and patience. Perseverance. Determination.

It also takes in other ways too – takes them away from their families. Takes more than they have to give, sometimes. Takes a toll on their bodies, minds, hearts.

Sometimes it takes their lives – not just on the battlefield.

I appreciate veterans and all that they do when they go to work every day. I send my love, strength, and support and hope that they can feel it.

As a lover of peace, I understand that many people are against the wars that our country is fighting – but please, please, please – don’t take it out on the veterans. They have dealt with enough.

I’d love you to check out an organization that we support at my company: Wounded Warrior Project. I fully agree with their mission and vision.