Time to get busy.

I haven’t really been too sure what I wanted to say next here, so I haven’t said anything at all. There is so much that I could write about, and when I try to wade through the stuff that might be too personal, either for me or for someone else, well – I get a bit stuck.

But something happened over the last 2 nights that made me realize that it’s time to unstick myself.

Two women took the time to tell me what they thought about me and my talents and abilities. Unsolicited, and not using any timid language. They took the time to say that I had something to offer, that I was amazing, that I am a good writer. That I have a good eye for photography. That I am good at whatever I do.

So here I am. Once again dusting things off and starting over. I”m going to try to live up to the hype.