Veterans Day

Veterans. I feel like I don’t have the proper words to thank them, ever.

I appreciate the sacrifices that veterans make. Even though I know that someone like me, who shuffles along life on the path of least resistance, can’t even fathom what it really “takes.”

I do know that it takes guts, and hard work, and patience. Perseverance. Determination.

It also takes in other ways too – takes them away from their families. Takes more than they have to give, sometimes. Takes a toll on their bodies, minds, hearts.

Sometimes it takes their lives – not just on the battlefield.

I appreciate veterans and all that they do when they go to work every day. I send my love, strength, and support and hope that they can feel it.

As a lover of peace, I understand that many people are against the wars that our country is fighting – but please, please, please – don’t take it out on the veterans. They have dealt with enough.

I’d love you to check out an organization that we support at my company: Wounded Warrior Project. I fully agree with their mission and vision.


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