dear gym guy

you look like a balding william h. macy but you tried to comb your hair all weird to hide it. i did not hold that against you.

you smelled like old dude and left a wake of weird cologne/aftershave behind you. i only held that against you a little bit.

you clipped past me so many times, and even though it was just you and me on the track, you insisted on practically running into me every single time you passed me. i kind of held that against you.

and then i decided to stop holding in my farts.

sorry. i ate a lot of dairy today.


about me.

levon helm died and tom petty kicked off his tour yesterday. i also listened to tom petty’s buried treasure radio show yesterday for the first time, and it was so happy and cheesy and great. levon, levon, levon. i saw him play just once, and i was utterly charmed by him. i knew he was on his way, but it didn’t make it easier to read the news. breaking news: levon helm dead at 71. breaking news: blackhawk helicopter crashes in afghanistan. a good thing goes away and a bad thing keeps right on thriving. i guess this is the burden of living, of learning, of feeling.

this is the burden of a poet. my eyeballs are tiny hearts.

i can’t be perfect. this is one of the only things i know for sure about my life. i can’t live up to the standard i think i should be able to live up to. only grammatically correct. see, i’m doing it again.

i was working on a treatise about why sewing is good for a perfectionist (because there is a RIGHT way to do it), but really, it doesn’t have to be perfect, so there I go again. i am so eager to box things up and draw broad lines and move items from column A to column B. but sewing can flow. you can adjust from mistakes on the fly. i am changing a pattern to make it work with the print of my fabric. there are things to be mindful of, but at the end of the day, it’s just like everything else: does it look good enough? what are you willing to leave and what wakes you up at 5 am thinking about how you can fix it? what do you care about so much that you are willing to say “we did it all for the glory of love” about how much you are willing to perfect it? because that is a commitment.

i want to weigh a healthy weight but i don’t want to live on celery and chicken breast and i don’t want to ever, ever, ever give up pizza, pancakes, and lounging about.

i want to have a job i love but i don’t want to be hemmed in by industrial greys on every side.

instead of being perfect, maybe i could just be the best i can be on whatever day i find myself rambling through. tonight i was sulking on the couch, skipping my workout AGAIN, wishing i had some friends here. i decided not to force myself to workout, but to do something positive for myself. write something, anything. something real, which is hard for me to do on this blog. but you know what?

this is all there is to know about me today.

Up before dawn

This morning, I woke up while it was still dark out. I tried to get back to sleep for an hour. I turned on the fan. I flipped over. I got out of bed, went downstairs, came back upstairs, drank some water, got back into bed. Put all the covers on me. Got too hot. Threw out a leg to catch the fan. Got too cold.

Finally, I decided to get out of bed. Mr. Thor has to work today, so I will have 6 free hours to sew. But that time is already reserved for a specific project, and I have something else I want to work on. So at 6 am, I was in my craft room in my pajamas, cutting fabric. The iron and ironing board is in our bedroom, so I was pressing my fabric in the dim first light, trying not to wake up my husband. I pressed my 1/4″ seams open by feel, moving the tip of the iron against my fingernails to try to avoid a burn.

I almost finished what I got up to work on. I debated whether or not to do it, but then I decided it was the only way. I made a belt last night, and technically that is my first foray into the realm of making clothing. Although it’s in the accessory category, it’s still worn on the body. I made one last night, and although I was mostly happy with it, there were three mistakes that made it into the final project. Nobody but me would probably even notice them, but they were enough to have me up early, thinking about a good way to work them out of the next version.


the offending belt, pinned and D-ringed to simulate what it will look like when it's actually done. also, please note that i put the belt on mildred upside-down.

So, I’m about to tackle the last portion of the belt, and I really hope that I am happier with Travel Belt 2.0. Then, I still have a few glorious hours remaining to work on whatever I want.


Like a kid in a candy store.

I am SO excited.

I’ve been sewing.

I love it.

Here is my sewing update for the year:

Beginning sewing (4 sessions): I made a pillowcase, a tote bag, and a drawstring bag.

Followup: I made another tote bag at home.

Zippered cosmetic bag class (one session): I made a lined cosmetic bag with a zipper.

Followup: I made two more at home. One was a modification included on the original pattern. I also finished up the sample coin purse that we made in class.

zippered cosmetic bag

pyramid purse

Big Bag Class (2 sessions): I am making a giant bag. First thing I have ever made that will remotely resemble a purse! 2nd class is this coming Monday.

Spring Tote Class (one long session): This is a 6-hour class that I am taking today. It’s a tote bag again, but with more oomph.

I am having so much fun finally creating tangible things. I am loving the focus and concentration involved. When I sit down in front of my sewing machine, the day flies by. I lose hours. I don’t worry. I sometimes work until I am a little too hungry because I have been so focused.

I am taking all of my classes at Sew You Can, and so far they have all been taught by Bia. She creates AWESOME and easy-to-understand patterns.

I know I have been silent for a long time, but I HAVE been working on my focus! 🙂


what we see and what the world sees

alternately titled, “stop saying negative things about yourself.”

when you tell yourself that you are fat and awful and that you look gross, you are hurting yourself.

stop it. seriously, i can’t say this enough – stop. it.

stop saying negative things about yourself. unless you are hurting others with negative behavior. and then, well, speak to that negative behavior.

you know your assets. you know your best parts. focus on those. this is the first step in the the well-known (to me, anyway) philosophy known as Rock What You Got.

If you don’t feel like you have any assets, try this little experiment: Look at yourself in the mirror every day for a few minutes. Look at yourself in a nice way, the way you would look at someone you love. Then say something like, “You are so beautiful” or “You have amazing cheekbones” or “looking at you is like looking at the dawn of time.”

whatever it takes.

and then, go forth and conquer.

and looking at you will be like looking at the dawn of time.

i really need to find a clan of ninjas to beat up.

Here is a chat I had with my brother today.


me: i am supposed to write a blog post but i got nothin

bro: i never understood blogging

me: you’d have to be like me to understand it

bro: people writing about things that piss them off, or things they find entertaining rather than actually doing things

online viewable diaries


me: someone who likes blogging and someone who doesn’t like blogging won’t be able to communicate effectively about blogging

sometimes, though, one blogs about her fun life and her goals

and the fun stuff after it has happened

bro: I guess I just don’t see the allure of sharing that with people across the world, I would much prefer to tell my close friends in person that I went bungee jumping or beat up a clan of ninjas

me: some of us don’t have any close friends that we see in person

most of my close friends are only available online. they live far away.

bro: road trip!

me: and i will blog about it

bro: incorrect

me: well, let’s just say

i am a pretty good writer

i am not able to write a book at this time

bro: or that you write well

boom englished

bro: haha its fun to be me

so you write short stories?

me: no, i write blog posts

short, true stories. about my life.

bro: well carry on

whatever makes you happy

me: it sounds kind of pathetic when i describe it.

bro: i’m not judging you out loud

me: i know, but i am very perceptive to your silent judgment.

bro: well then consider yourself judged, and then you can kindly tell me to stick it


I think the entire internet can hear me sighing, deeply.