A sad story about goals, identity, and forgetting your blog address.


Seriously, SIGH.

I decided to pop in and post a bit on my lunch break today. I wanted to write about that one time when I had a goal to update my blog every single day for a month – and I did that. And how, at the end of that month, I did not set a new goal, but simply “eased up” – which resulted in about 3 posts in as many months.

I was so happy during November. Here I was, doing what I wanted to do. Spending lots of time on my blog. Updating, interacting, feeling great about myself. Even daring to think about calling myself a writer!

Today, on the cusp of March, I could not remember the web address to my blog admin login panel.

Let me be a lesson to you. Don’t ease up on your goals, or you may find yourself starting from scratch in just a few short months!