Help a sister out.

by Amy

So, I have this way that I like to think of myself: creative.

I’m definitely a creative thinker. I often create things in general, and I often think about creating still more things.

But I have a confession to make.

Most nights, for dinner, I have one of two things: chicken sausage or chicken breast.

I don’t mind that my dinners are mostly made of chicken products, but I only have one setting when it comes to cooking chicken: The three amigos. Basil, Thyme, and Rosemary, and a little pepper (because pepper goes on almost everything I cook).

My "famous" chicken.

So, there it is. Most of that chicken will be consumed in one of two ways:

-doused in Frank’s Red Hot Wings and fried with a torn up string cheese in a wheat tortilla

-shredded up and turned into chicken salad.

Help. What else can I do with chicken that fits well with healthy eating?  Or, vegetarians, what are your favorite alternate sources of protein?

Just wondering. I am seriously stuck in a rut over here.