The little things

This weekend, it really has been the little things making me happy.

I took a vacation day yesterday and spent the day “tooling around” with my husband. We cleaned and organized, took a load to the Salvation Army, and dropped our old TV for recycling at React.

Then we went shopping for a few things at Target, and my list had the following written on it: “new welcome mat?”

I hate, hate, hate the welcome mat that was here when we moved in. It was one of those bristle kind, but that’s all it was – no pattern, and practically worn down to the nub.

I found a new welcome mat. It’s nothing amazing, but it was exactly what I was looking for. And, I took a picture, but my SD card reader seems to not want to read my SD card at the moment. Let’s just say that IT MADE ME HAPPY.

I can leave you with a picture of another little thing that made me happy, just this morning:

Just like Grandma used to make.

I finally used my grandma’s old egg poaching pan. The picture is only of the tray that goes in the pan. The actual pan is positively ancient, and beat all to Hades, dinged and dented and the lid barely fits right. But when I saw it in my parents’ garage, I begged to have it. I fondly remember this thing and the delicious poached eggs that used to come out of it when I was a little kid staying overnight at the farm. I realize that I am lucky to have this memory.

Happy eggs.


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