30 Days of Appreciation – Day 6

1. The gorgeous green and gray first half of the day.

2. Conducting an audit at work and not feeling the dreadful anticipation anymore.

3. Being audited for TWO HOURS at work and realizing that I know my job.

4. My friend Jax, who is letting me borrow a lantern for this weekend’s camping trip. More on her later!

5. My friend Jax’s mom, who looks good and apparently likes my sewing projects.

6. The neighbors, for constantly bringing over our amazon.com purchases when they are mis-delivered.

7. My washer and dryer. I love being able to do laundry in my house.

8. Google Docs. For some reason, it’s my new favorite place to capture my random thoughts and lists.

9. My new messenger bag (that I made!) It’s the perfect size and has just the right amount of pockets.

10. Music. Music. Music.


One thought on “30 Days of Appreciation – Day 6

  1. Day 6 Thursday’s appreciations 5.24.12

    1- 2300 degrees was fantastic tonight…glad I made it! I saw sooo many friends and former students…one student I had in my Gateways class in 1980-83…good grief that was a long time ago! We have been friends on facebook …but in person is nicer.
    2- I appreciate my neighbor Tom Ferrell for bringing over his trailer so I can put the cuttings from my huge azalea bushes, which need pruning, in it to be taken to Black Gold this year to be ground up for mulch. Much less work than taking every wheel barrow out to the woods.
    3- Tonight I wore a pair of ear rings that my sister of choice Diane bought and gave me when I was in the hospital for my brain surgery. She got them at Coldwater Creek. I shopped myself silly leading up to that surgery, it was my therapy. I did not buy these earrings because they were a ridiculous price ($520). They went on a mega sale (90%) and she snagged them for me. During that dicey time we all coped in the best way we could.
    4- Days when they predict nasty rainy weather and yet all we get is a little grey in the sky and plenty of blue!!!
    5- An evening sky with the crescent moon hung to perfection!
    6- I appreciate all the custodians that ever cleaned my classroom on a daily basis; I wish someone would come into my home and do the same each day…a little sweep, a little dusting, an empty waste basket. It only took them about 10-15 min a day to keep the classroom up to snuff and it freed me to focus on other things! Well a girl can dream can’t she!!! LOL
    7- “So You Think You Can Dance?”. I appreciate Nigel Lithgow and his manner of nurturing the joy in the non-professional. I love this show because each finalist has to be able to do many forms of dance, the winner is the best all round dancer.
    8- I appreciate my friend and high school classmate Les Hampton who lost his wife to cancer this last fall. He was caretaker extraordinaire during a long illness and now he is actively trying to have a quality life of which Sue his wife would be proud. Man of courage it would be so easy to stop living, but he knows he has to live life good enough for the both of them.
    9- I appreciate that today was a Thursday night in May and every parking place on Market Street was taken at 7pm…way to go Gaffer District!
    10- I appreciate that my sister in law’s father (95 years young) is off the respirator full time…he has been on that life saving machine all day for weeks and all but a few hours the last few days while they whined his off. Lou’s original surgery was May 8th . His comment today upon being given a medicine orally was, “that’s shitty”!!! Go Lou!

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