30 Days of Appreciation – Day 6

by Amy

1. The gorgeous green and gray first half of the day.

2. Conducting an audit at work and not feeling the dreadful anticipation anymore.

3. Being audited for TWO HOURS at work and realizing that I know my job.

4. My friend Jax, who is letting me borrow a lantern for this weekend’s camping trip. More on her later!

5. My friend Jax’s mom, who looks good and apparently likes my sewing projects.

6. The neighbors, for constantly bringing over our amazon.com purchases when they are mis-delivered.

7. My washer and dryer. I love being able to do laundry in my house.

8. Google Docs. For some reason, it’s my new favorite place to capture my random thoughts and lists.

9. My new messenger bag (that I made!) It’s the perfect size and has just the right amount of pockets.

10. Music. Music. Music.