30 Days of Appreciation – Day 7

1. Chicken and biscuits.

2. Shawn Colvin’s “Live” album.

3. Discovering random connections – it’s a small world, after all.

4. Getting along with my husband throughout the preparations for a camping trip this weekend.

5. Realizing that I should be grateful that I understand how the data validation feature in Excel works. Not everyone knows what it is, and I know things in Excel that not everyone knows. I helped a panicked coworker today who thought she had a ruined spreadsheet on her hands.

6. Realizing that I should be grateful that I understand how voting buttons and reminders features in Outlook work. Not everyone knows how to use those things. I helped a coworker complete a request today that she had no idea how to complete.

7. Trash bags with febreze added. It’s the little things.

8. The smell of freshly scooped coffee, ready to brew.

9. My blue V-neck t-shirt. I feel ridiculously happy and confident when I wear it.

10. I am going camping this weekend. With my husband. In a tent. At a bluegrass festival.


Which reminds me, I will have to pause my 30 days, unless I have the presence of mind to write my lists on paper while I am camping. I will try – but if I can’t, I will be back next week. Have a nice weekend!


4 thoughts on “30 Days of Appreciation – Day 7

  1. Day 7 Friday’s appreciations 5.25.12

    1- I appreciate Annette Mattison, an angel who is mom’s hairdresser. She comes to the house each week to cut, curl, perm, color, or style my mom’s hair….depending on the week.
    2- I appreciate having “best friends” who I can call on the phone anytime day or night and know they will have my back, always!
    3- I appreciate having a good eye to prune bushes and having the end result look “natural” vs. the boxes, balls and cones look.
    4- I appreciate the open invitation life gives us to grow and stretch as people.
    5- I appreciate air conditioning on a muggy day.
    6- I appreciate warm summer breezes.
    7- I appreciate the smell of a clean Canadian air.
    8- I appreciate a solid 8 hour sleep after a long day of demanding physical work.
    9- I appreciate those favorite work shorts that you have worn so long they have the perfect feel to the fabric… so what if they are thread bare and with any motion like simply bending over, it could be splitsville!
    10- I appreciate the heart breaking reality my sister in law is facing with her visit to Rochester from Chicago this week…that even though her dad is off the respirator he is far from out of the woods. He is restlessly moving about and not able to have a conversation or to really have a restful sleep. They put the feeding tube back in today. Hard to watch him in this agitated, I am sure. Bless the whole family…I will continue to pray for each of them.

  2. I love reading yours too Amy! I will write mine while you are gone and be ready to post them when you get back! I like this habit…forces me to see the postitve…I have really been trying to live by the rule of that sermon…. Three checks…Is it True? Is it Kind? Is it necessary? to discuss. This has been easy as a speaker for me, but harder as a listener. Hmmmm

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