30 Days of Appreciation – Day 5

1. My husband gets my morning coffee ready for me the night before and sets the timer so that the coffee is done brewing by the time I get out of the shower. I appreciate that, hard.

2. I drive an hour to work through beautiful hills and farms and freakishly green, spring-fluffy trees.

3. Satellite radio. Having Paul Simon come on the radio unexpectedly during the aforementioned commute is wonderful.

4. I appreciate that I can decorate my workspace pretty much how I want to decorate it. I have a fake plant and some artwork in there now.

5. I appreciate my friend Shelly at work, who has a great sense of humor and a great hard laugh.

6. I appreciate the simple tasks that some work days have. Making copies. Updating logs. Sending e-mail.

7. I appreciate the members of my wellness challenge team at work, who always enter their numbers on time.

8. I appreciate our plant admin. She has awesome shoes, just enough sass, and a big heart.

9. I appreciate Bia, who taught me to sew. She is probably the most easy-going and encouraging teacher I have ever had. She also writes awesome, easy-to-follow patterns.

10. I appreciate Sew You Can, Bia’s studio space where I lugged my sewing machine for my very first lessons. I just completed my last class there tonight (the studio is closing), and I will really, really miss sewing there. I feel lucky that I got the chance to sew with a great group of people while it was still open.


One thought on “30 Days of Appreciation – Day 5

  1. Day 5 Wednesday’s appreciations 5.23.12

    1- Most retirement mornings I can sleep until I wake up… It’s a “No alarm” life for me. And I can pee whenever I want, now if you are a teacher you know that is a luxury!!!!
    2- The aches and pains of rigorous yard work because it shows me my body is toning up on some level.
    3- Miss Clairol…she “washes that grey right out of my hair” in no time flat and my hair looks natural vs. the color my mom’s generation used.
    4- I appreciate the results of fertilizing my plants.
    5- 2300 degrees is this Thursday at the Corning Glass Museum…I hope to go; I surely appreciate living in a town where I will run into many friends I don’t often see and we will have fun catching up!
    6- I appreciate that I am starting to see the word play that is common in crossword puzzle clues and feel my thinking strategy change. Love words!
    7- I appreciate the effort it takes to eat healthy by cutting down seriously on white food (sugar and flour)…and that my mom is willing to do this with me is a gift!
    8- I appreciate my car, it’s dependable, comfortable, has a large trunk that easily holds my mom’s wheel chair, and a great sound system.
    9- I love books on tape, make that CD’s…I listen to them in the car when I am alone and they make the travels to run errands so much more enjoyable.
    10- I appreciate the thought, “Inch by inch life’s a cinch, yard by yard it is very hard.” I am being fairly successful at approaching the “have to dos” in my life with this philosophy and it makes everything much less stressful.

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