30 Days of Appreciation – Day 5

by Amy

1. My husband gets my morning coffee ready for me the night before and sets the timer so that the coffee is done brewing by the time I get out of the shower. I appreciate that, hard.

2. I drive an hour to work through beautiful hills and farms and freakishly green, spring-fluffy trees.

3. Satellite radio. Having Paul Simon come on the radio unexpectedly during the aforementioned commute is wonderful.

4. I appreciate that I can decorate my workspace pretty much how I want to decorate it. I have a fake plant and some artwork in there now.

5. I appreciate my friend Shelly at work, who has a great sense of humor and a great hard laugh.

6. I appreciate the simple tasks that some work days have. Making copies. Updating logs. Sending e-mail.

7. I appreciate the members of my wellness challenge team at work, who always enter their numbers on time.

8. I appreciate our plant admin. She has awesome shoes, just enough sass, and a big heart.

9. I appreciate Bia, who taught me to sew. She is probably the most easy-going and encouraging teacher I have ever had. She also writes awesome, easy-to-follow patterns.

10. I appreciate Sew You Can, Bia’s studio space where I lugged my sewing machine for my very first lessons. I just completed my last class there tonight (the studio is closing), and I will really, really miss sewing there. I feel lucky that I got the chance to sew with a great group of people while it was still open.