30 Days of Appreciation – Day 4

1. & 2. I can take advil when I hurt, and then a little while later, I don’t hurt anymore. So that’s 2 – I appreciate modern meds and my health. I am free of pain that requires more than the occasional advil.

3. Sunglasses – there are so many styles and tints available for decent prices.

4. Peanut butter smoothies.

5. My husband, who supports all of my schemes and dreams with minimal head-scratching and maximum reassurance.

6. My friend Katie, who believes in me relentlessly. Even in the midst of her own crises and conundrums, she has support to offer.

7. My friend Renee at work, who just GETS it.

8. Which reminds me of my friend Renee from middle school, who is a good writer, funny, kind, and loyal… and at this point, practically family.

9. Which reminds me of my friend Renee from Nashville/Jersey, who regularly posts links to My Utmost for His Highest on her facebook page. And, well.  That Oswald Chambers has a way with words.

10. Cloud cover plus cool breezes. Amen.


4 thoughts on “30 Days of Appreciation – Day 4

  1. Renees are pretty awesome people, I must say.

    I love you, Amy!!! And I miss you, even though you make me do complicated mathness every time I want to comment on your blog.

  2. Day 4 Tuesday’s appreciations 5.22.12

    1- Garden gloves that keep soil and water from my hands yet allow me to “feel” the work I am doing.
    2- Friends like Amy who invite me to challenge my thinking with a blog like this one!
    3- Dehumidifiers to keep the basement dry…what a great invention.
    4- A glass of clean refreshing water from my well. The fear there might be something to the reports from Pa. that fracking effected the drinking water tells me we need to err on the side of caution. Use the rule…what difference will it make in 20 years…if our conservative approach to fracking is wrong…science will reveal that…however if it is right…how long will it take to restore our water to safety?
    5- Ceiling fans, ahhhh a breathe of fresh air!
    6- Knowing that day to day actions and deeds add up to create your character.
    7- Giving gifts whenever I am motivated and not just the gifts of occasion that are expected on “holidays”.
    8- The three years of out of town service will end this summer for my friend Dale and Danice Tanner; I will love having them back in Horseheads.
    9- The guidance of mom’s physical therapist and how much my mom is willing to try every task she asks of her…I am so proud of mom that she road a stationary bike for 5 min today at nearly 89 years old.
    10- Antibiotics that can get KO of a Staph infection!

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