30 Days of appreciation – Day 3

by Amy

1. My friend Stephanie, who likes to visit me here in Not The City, NY. She reminds me that I have something special here that you can’t get everywhere.

2. My brother-in-law, Jack, who just graduated from college. I can’t believe that, four years ago, I sat in a gym at Cornell and watched him graduate from high school.

3. My mother-in-law, Nancy, who hooted and hollered as we saw Jack during the processional and recessional.

4. Steve Karmen. I never knew before Sunday that he wrote the “I Love NY” tourism song and loads of other jingles. He was getting his honorary doctorate from Binghamton when Jack graduated, and he gave one of the best speeches I have ever heard, graduation or otherwise. I cried multiple times, as did the woman in front of me. He received a standing ovation.

5. The takeaway from Steve Karmen’s speech, that will haunt me forever: it is imperative that I follow my passions.

6. Can I be thankful for the topography here again? because it blew me away as I was driving to Binghamton and back.

7. The wonderful feeling of “regulating” after eating when I am so hungry that I am cranky and weak.

8. Air conditioning.

9. My car, which is so reliable, so pack-able, so comfortable, and so fun to drive.

10. My husband. I love watching him do chores – folding my laundry, packing his lunch for the following day. And I love that he will stand in the kitchen and talk to me while I do mine – and express his awe at my ability to whip up chicken salad. So cute.