30 Days of Appreciation – Day 2

by Amy

1. Sleeping in.

2. Hot showers.

3. Cracker Barrel. Biscuits.

4. Corning Museum of Glass, and the artists throughout time who have worked with glass.

5. My life path. I am thankful that although I always seem to take an unconventional route, I once got out of unsatisfying work and went back to college to complete my degree.

6. Blue sky. Cool breeze.

7. Beer.

8. Feet that can walk for hours, hold me up while I talk to friends, and carry me to explore around the city that I love.

9. My husband, who will let me seriously talk to him about starting my own business and leaving my job.

10. My life path – again. I am appreciative for the insight I have earned through weird choices I have made in the past that have helped me define what I am willing to take and what I will not bear.