30 Days of Appreciation – Day 1

1. Coffee and Almond Joy Creamer.

2. Hands that can type, make art, make food, get pruny from dishwater, hold open doors, and clap.

3. My husband. His eyes. His hands. His hugs.

4. My friend Stephanie, who has a great mind and spirit, and always gets me talking about the things that really matter.

5. The topography of the region in which I live. It is freakishly, amazingly beautiful here.

6. The warmth of the sun on a May afternoon.

7. The band Underwater Tiger. They write great songs. They play with their guts. They make music matter.

8. My little brother, who flipped me off on the patio of Buffalo Wild Wings and giggled about my return flip.

9. The peace and quiet of small town life.

10. My friend Big Antonio, who stopped his truck in the street to say hello. Seeing his smile brought back so many good memories and made me feel massively thankful for his existence on this planet.


2 thoughts on “30 Days of Appreciation – Day 1

  1. 10 things I appreciate for Saturday, May 19, 2012 ….
    1- my writing friend Michal’s visits to write every saturday morning
    2- the vibrant colors of all the flowers in my yard that are blooming in succession like a visit from an old friend
    3- another day with my mom to enjoy her love, kindness, and sense of humor and now I can talk with her about anything
    4- finding a dependable, and reasonably priced repair man to properly prepare and stain my deck
    5- morning trip to Stillman’s nursery in Montour Falls and the quality of their stock
    6- having had three glorious weather days to freely walk inside and out and know you have made tons of Vitamin D
    7- a yummy grilled pork chop for dinner
    8- the feeling of accomplishment walking into a clean and organized garage
    9- My sister in laws father, who has been on life support, opened his eyes for the first time today
    10- my friend Amy for doing this blog which has inspired me to think about the positive…she is a ever ready battery when it comes to good ideas! My kind of friend!

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