i really need to find a clan of ninjas to beat up.

by Amy

Here is a chat I had with my brother today.


me: i am supposed to write a blog post but i got nothin

bro: i never understood blogging

me: you’d have to be like me to understand it

bro: people writing about things that piss them off, or things they find entertaining rather than actually doing things

online viewable diaries


me: someone who likes blogging and someone who doesn’t like blogging won’t be able to communicate effectively about blogging

sometimes, though, one blogs about her fun life and her goals

and the fun stuff after it has happened

bro: I guess I just don’t see the allure of sharing that with people across the world, I would much prefer to tell my close friends in person that I went bungee jumping or beat up a clan of ninjas

me: some of us don’t have any close friends that we see in person

most of my close friends are only available online. they live far away.

bro: road trip!

me: and i will blog about it

bro: incorrect

me: well, let’s just say

i am a pretty good writer

i am not able to write a book at this time

bro: or that you write well

boom englished

bro: haha its fun to be me

so you write short stories?

me: no, i write blog posts

short, true stories. about my life.

bro: well carry on

whatever makes you happy

me: it sounds kind of pathetic when i describe it.

bro: i’m not judging you out loud

me: i know, but i am very perceptive to your silent judgment.

bro: well then consider yourself judged, and then you can kindly tell me to stick it


I think the entire internet can hear me sighing, deeply.