what we see and what the world sees

alternately titled, “stop saying negative things about yourself.”

when you tell yourself that you are fat and awful and that you look gross, you are hurting yourself.

stop it. seriously, i can’t say this enough – stop. it.

stop saying negative things about yourself. unless you are hurting others with negative behavior. and then, well, speak to that negative behavior.

you know your assets. you know your best parts. focus on those. this is the first step in the the well-known (to me, anyway) philosophy known as Rock What You Got.

If you don’t feel like you have any assets, try this little experiment: Look at yourself in the mirror every day for a few minutes. Look at yourself in a nice way, the way you would look at someone you love. Then say something like, “You are so beautiful” or “You have amazing cheekbones” or “looking at you is like looking at the dawn of time.”

whatever it takes.

and then, go forth and conquer.

and looking at you will be like looking at the dawn of time.


2 thoughts on “what we see and what the world sees

    • I came up with that a few years ago. I realized that, while I wasn’t perfect, I definitely had at least a couple things that rocked! 🙂 Love ya Jax!

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