One of my favorite parts of being married.

I got up just after 8 am this morning to get started on my chores for today. I have lots of things on my to-do list and I just woke up naturally at that time, so I went with it.

I worked for a few minutes in my office, and then went back to the bedroom just to give the still-sleeping Mr. Thor a quick hug before I left the second floor.

I crawled into bed, gave him a hug, he said something sweet like, “you’re the best.” Then he pointed his pointer finger out into the air and said, “JAMMIES.”

me: jammies?

him, now poking my arm: “jammies, jammies, jammies, like jay leno. they like to jam. he likes to play the bass.”

me: “the real jay leno? how do you know that?”

him: “bum-bum-bum-ba-bum-bum-ba-bum-ba-ba-bum!”

me: …

him: “it’s just like rallyists. bum-bum-bum-ba-bum-bum-ba-bum-ba-ba-bum!”

me: “rallius?”

him: “RALLYISTS. People who start rallies. bum-ba-buh-bum-ba-buh-BUM-BUM!”

me: “why?”

him: “it’s like, even if I told you you wouldn’t know how to start a fire. it would still be a secret to you. like bum-ba-buh-bum-bah-buh-bum. bum-ba-buh-bum-bah-buh-BUM.”

me: …

him: “i got cold. i didn’t have enough… room to work with. don’t get too bored here, OK?”

me: “why would I be bored?”

him: “asphalt.”

me: “what’s so boring about asphalt?!”

him: “it’s all gone.”

me: “so we are at the end of the road?”

him: “yep. dead end. (holds up his fingers about 2 inches apart) I only have THIS much left. (moves his two held-up fingers over to my face and jams them into the side of my face) annnnd now it’s on your face.”

at this point I decided to stop engaging Mr. Thor, because, clearly, we were at the end of the road.


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