Hurry up and wait.

I was warned that the cancer journey was one of hurry up and wait. It’s true, and I hate it. The surgery that hopefully removed all of the cancer was nine days ago, the pathology, I was told, will take ten days to come back… but my followup appointment with the oncologist isn’t until September 9th – another ten days.

Every day is an interesting mix of awesome and wretched thoughts. Anywhere from “I can’t wait to move on with my life and get back to normal” to “Maybe we should sell the house and use the proceeds to travel the world until I die.”

I’m trying to be a gracious wait-er. Trying to get into TV, but I’m just not. Trying to read, but I can’t focus and there are a lot of bad writers out there.

Trying not to lose my damn mind, basically.


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