I love Christmas.

I do. I love the trappings of Christmas, too. The green and red. The sparkly snowflakes and stripey wrapping paper. I love ornaments for my tree, and up until last year I didn’t really have a home where I could put my tree up. I had no idea what I had for ornaments.

I have balls. Lots and lots of balls. The plain kind from when I was a kid (and they are truly from when I was a kid – I think the boxes had Bradlees and Ames price stickers on them) that are glass and one solid color – red, green, silver, blue, or gold.

This year is my first married Christmas. Mr. Thor and I thought that it would be a good time to start building up our Christmas collection, so that we don’t have to hang these depressing, chipped balls year after year. Well, that’s my reasoning, anyway. I think Mr. Thor just kind of goes along with my whims when it comes to stuff like this.

On Black Friday, I took advantage of the sales at the Corning Museum of Glass and picked up a couple of ornaments that looked just like ornaments I grew up with, only safer:

the one i grew up with involved pins and beads.
the one i grew up with was perched on a VERY pinchy clip.

Then, Mr. Thor’s mom showed up at our house a couple of weeks ago with these two additions:

for the person who has everything.
for the person who is obsessed with cigars.

We were so inspired, and decided that we loved the personality that was starting to take shape on our tree! We decided to buy one more each, that we went to a store and picked out ourselves.

Mr. Thor's pick. I had to wedge him unceremoniously in the tree so that you could see his body.
My pick. He reminds me of a parade float!

The one thing that strikes me as I look through all of these is: BALLS. they are all over the place. I tried to take the pictures around them, but they are everywhere. I think I will keep one box for nostalgia, but the rest have to get permanently phased out.

Did I  mention that I love Christmas and the trappings of Christmas?


2 thoughts on “I love Christmas.

  1. I had to start over this year with Christmas decorations. Yep my tree is all balls. Ill admit i bought them because they had metallic blue and purple looking disco balls and metallic lime green sparkly ones. I dubbed it “Disco Tree”. Its fitting i think

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