Fireworks vs. Cannonballs – Part 2

by Amy

During my wonderful chat with my friend Stephanie, I started explaining what I perceive to be the primary problem with my focus, and subsequently, my achievement (or lack thereof). I am interested in too many things, all at once. I want to sew, knit, crochet, bake, cook, learn French, Spanish, & Italian, write books, go back to grad school for an MLS, no wait, an MFA.

And I am not really moving toward any of it. But I am interested in all of it. And I would love to achieve even some of it.

My energy is so divided that it’s like fireworks – a bang and then everything just shoots off in different directions. And, maybe, something pretty for a few seconds – but ultimately it just fizzles out without making a lasting impact.

What I need to do is FOCUS – all caps – so that my energy is more like a cannonball.  A boom, and enough oomph to leave a mark. It might not be pretty, but it will do something.

So, that brings me to my word for 2012: FOCUS. I have been doing a decent job of focusing on the blog, and I hope to keep that going. My first area of focus for 2012 will be… sewing! I took a 2-hour class once and I absolutely loved it. I am signed up for a 10-hour class that starts next month (which is also next year!!)  and covers the basics over a 4-week period.

Ask me how it’s going, if you don’t hear about it.