Surprise, surprise.

Well, contrary to my own denial about how much I had to do over the weekend belief about how much free time I would have over the weekend, I did not do any pre-blogging. So, dear readers, this week you will just get me, on the fly, with whatever catches my fancy or my eye.

This morning, it was my brand new stack of mismatched dinner plates. I’ll just say that they were inherited form the living, and they came like this, all together. And they are all brand new.

Most people probably wouldn’t care for this, but I have actually dreamed of having a set of mismatched dinner plates for about 15 years. Because of the transient nature of my life since then, I actually only came to own any glass plates for dinner about a year and a half ago. They are cute and square and perfect for me and Mr. Thor and the small meals we frequently eat. But they are not quite fancy enough for Thanksgiving.

30-*cough* years old and I finally have plates for guests.

The one on top there is my favorite, due to its coupe style and its totally rad pattern. I shall eat turkey from that plate.

The other plates that I have had for a few years, but have been in almost-constant storage, are some adorable brightly colored glass dessert plates. Of course I had to choose them all in different colors; that’s just the way I am. I know it’s hard to see under the glaring overhead light in my dining room, but the plate on top is actually a different color from the plate on the bottom.

My favorite plates in the universe. Purchased at a now-closed boutique in Nashville, TN.

So, there you have it. My fancy plate collection in its entirety. Aren’t you glad that you tuned in today?


2 thoughts on “Surprise, surprise.

  1. flippin’ rad pattern on that plate (so you!)! and – love those bodaciously beautifully colored dessert plates from that now-closed delightful store in nashville! i left my orange and yellow ones with all my other cool plates in the in my fantastic (and dearly missed) kitchen in lenox village.

    • Oh, lindalicious. That kitchen was amazing. I miss that place of yours and the awesome times I had there. And you, while I’m at it. 🙂

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