so… life, huh?

Man, does life get in the way of the things we want to do sometimes, or what?

I absolutely love this blog – love writing it, love interacting with my friends who read it… heck, I even love re-reading it. So sue me. Obviously if I had NO ego, I wouldn’t have a blog to start with.

I’ve been busy, but honestly, not busy enough to stop writing. I have just kind of made excuses and half-promises to “write something tomorrow” or “write something when i have an idea.” The thing is, though, I very rarely sit down to blog with an idea in mind. I just sit down, open the new post box, and get to typing.

That’s kind of true about my writing life in general. I feel I don’t have a story to tell, so I never write. Anyone who knows me personally just scoffed at that last sentence. I know better. Everyone has a story to tell. I have always believed that, and I always will. I guess it’s just a matter of finding the voice, of honing the pathway so that story can make its way to the listeners.

Anyway. Here I am! I am still here. I am still thinking myself to death, still freezing my fingers off, still praying vehemently for spring, and still, still, still trying to write something, dangit.


10 thoughts on “so… life, huh?

  1. Amy,
    It is an easy world in which to have anxiety! The sermon in church today was focusing on the present, it is “The Gift”. I knew that, but the reminder is a good one. I guess my question is when does the anxiety happen? Before, at, or after work? Before or after writing? Perhaps it is very random. I have just finished six weeks of teaching chemistry in lab to nursing students at CCC. The thought of doing it, before the fact was mega anxiety. But now, having worked myself to the bone, and having accomplished the outcome, I feel great. Great that I did not quite, great that I walked into the face of a huge challenge that held some fear and did what had to be done. For what it is worth, your mentioning the math prep work you are doing for the GRE’s is it, that helped to inspire me to not give up. I think it is interesting the in influence we have on other people. Do you realize people admire you?

    • Wow Cathy, what a thoughtful comment. I guess I didn’t realize that people admired me. I never dreamed that my little act of hiring a tutor to get over my math anxiety would have inspired anyone! šŸ™‚

      I think it’s awesome that you made it through the chem lab!! Way to go… that is quite an achievement.

      The anxiety was definitely work-related, but has gotten much better lately. Thank you so much for your comment!!

  2. I am still thinking myself to death… // I can relate. I will over-think things WAY too much. Glad to see you write !

  3. Amy! Where have you been?!? Not sure where to start, but gotta say, even after all these years, you still effect me…in a great way! Your friendship in this life is an amazing gift to me! And am soo happy that you are spreading your gift to others in such a beautiful way……your mind, and heart. Both portrayed in your writing….not a new concept of self expression, but, brilliant never the less!

    You are dead on with the scoff remark! I did it, and continued reading to find, you were totally right, how did you know we would do that?:)

    From one thinker to another…..after reading this you got me to thinking….about our stories. I would have to say, i feel/felt I don’t really have much of a story either, and you too probably scoffed back:), maybe?LOL….but I do, a real hum-dinger! But more interesting I started thinking….I know that story, but what about the rest of the story? What happens next? When you let go, and accept your true self, can we manipulate the writings? Can we create what we want it to look like? Or is this story written for us; life being a series of fates, or chance, or “coincidence”?

    Thanks for sharing your heart and inspiring minds. And most of all for writing!!!

    LOVE to the Thors from a thankful soul<3

    P.s. Glad that we got/get to share some of our chapters together!:)

    • jeffy, thank you for reading and for commenting. i agree, the chapters we have shared have been some of the great ones! šŸ™‚ love to you!

  4. I scoff at thee thrice times!

    You are, (always have been, always will be) one of my favorite writers ever.

    Poetry…Sheer poetry!

    šŸ˜‰ Loves.

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