Link Love: Snowy Saturday Edition

It’s snowing here in Not the City, New York. Usually seeing snow fall from the sky strikes fear and terror into my heart, but since I have no plans, no commitments, and no intentions of getting out of my pajamas? Let it snow.

I decided that, since I usually have lots of time on Saturday mornings, I would take the opportunity to share a few links to stuff I am interested in at the moment.

1. Elizabeth Foster. Elizabeth is a Singer/Songwriter and Painter in Nashville. Actually, before I just looked up her site, I didn’t know about the Painter part. I have been listening to her album, San Francisco, on a very regular basis since it was released. It is inspiring, fun, and just folky enough to be nearly perfect. I am listening to “By the River” as I type this.

2. Sweet Clementines. I have never stumbled across a site that matches my style and color preferences more. And for someone as into details as I am, the hand-stitching on this stuff really gets to me. I go to the shop on a weekly basis to drool over sweet items like these:

Sleepy Owl!
Sleepy Owl Pilllow

Ferris Wheel!
Classic Ferris Wheel Wall Hang

This weekend I am finally going to pull the trigger and buy something. Decisions, decisions!

3. Tasty Kitchen. This little gem was the brainchild of The Pioneer Woman. The recipe for Fancy Macaroni is from The Woman herself, and I have made it twice since Thanksgiving. And I may make it again tomorrow.

That’s all for now. My pajama plans have been interrupted by a breakfast date request with the ‘rents (yes, it is noon, why do you ask?) I will be adding a page to this site where all of  the links from my Link Love posts will be posted – check for it within the next week!

Happy Saturday to you!


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