Not working.

Well, this is my third day of unemployment. The first day was a busy one involving three loads of laundry. Yesterday wasn’t as productive but I still kept myself occupied for most of the day. Today, I learned about lil bub the cat, and it was when I was watching a video of lil bub eat that I remembered that Radiohead’s album In Rainbows existed. In case you don’t know it, this album is absolutely perfect for cold weather. I am not sure why, and I’m not sure how, but it works well with shivering. And driving through snowy back roads. Trust me on this.

My life is pretty complex, even without a job.

Also worth noting: today I got pooped on by a bird while I was out for a walk in my new coat. Thanks, bird.

Right now, I am about to get to work in my studio, but not creating much: it’s in desperate need of a reorganize. When I set it up, I hadn’t used it yet, so I couldn’t anticipate how I would really need things to be arranged. What I need is to blow out a wall, but since I am not sure how my landlord would feel about that one, I am going to work on paring down and getting smart. And probably removing my red chair, as it takes up valuable space that could be storing craft supplies, fabric, or notions. But, I love this chair. When I sit in it, I see things like this:

what I see when I sit in my red chair. in spring, of course. right now I just see cold, empty trees.

The only problem is that my red chair belongs in this room, and it feels right in this room. I might actually move my computer out of this room. Or take the books off my bookshelf. Wow – my life has changed. I am actually contemplating getting rid of most of my books so that I can put fabric where those books are now.

I know you are eager to hear how this all works itself out. It’s probably the most important concern I have right now, too.

Edited: forgive me. how could I neglect to include the video of lil bub eating?


4 thoughts on “Not working.

  1. I think the red chair should stay. I don’t know how it looks in the room, but you want it there. It’ll fit. It’ll work. It’ll just take a little rearranging it seems. I think your blog title is a misnomer (yes, I wanted to say misnomer). You certainly are working on a lot of levels, or cylinders, or whatever other thing you want to say. I am still incredibly jealous that you can sew. That’s totally on me. I have a seamstress waiting to get out. Haha!

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