As I sit to write this, it’s 9:45 pm. Right now, I need to be brushing my teeth and washing my face and getting into bed. Or, that’s what I think I need. But I actually need to be here, writing this post.

In case you haven’t heard it lately, you are enough.

It actually doesn’t matter if you wrote out a to-do list this morning that is so long that it touches the floor and you didn’t do one thing on that list. It’s OK if you don’t have a job. If you have no idea what’s next. If you look back on your life and wonder what the hell you have done with the past year/5 years/decade of your life. Your accomplishments and your achievements have absolutely no bearing on what you are worth as a human being.

Maybe you are reading this and saying: but you don’t know me. I am different. I am truly a loser. I dropped out of school. I am truly unlovable. My husband left me. My wife left me. I break everything I touch. I am clumsy and terrible at life. I am lazy and unmotivated. I probably can’t even accomplish one good thing if I tried. After all, just look at today! I failed to work out/eat right/work on my side business/stop smoking/practice guitar/be nice to my kids/clean my bathroom/give up porn/stop buying so many shoes.

And if that is you, reading this, here is what I have to say to you.


That’s enough of that kind of talk. That’s enough of that kind of thinking. I guarantee that you could never think another negative thought in your lifetime, and you will still have leftovers because of how many negative things you have already thought about yourself.

You are enough, now. You can stop guilting yourself into action. You can stop torturing yourself by keeping score. By keeping track of everything that you think makes you a failure.

Sure, think about what needs to be done. Maybe even make a plan to do it. But remember, this is life that you are living. Sometimes life has other plans. Sometimes, on a basic level, you just run out of hours in the day before you got your workout in. But, maybe that night you spent some time with your mom shopping.

One is not better than the other. Life is OK. Life happens. Sometimes it thwarts your plans.

Sometimes, on a more complicated level, you abandon your dreams for years on end. Sometimes you lose your way and one day you wake up, disoriented and alone.

That’s OK, too. Because it’s already the past.

You are one rotation, one yes, one step from the right path at all times. You are either moving toward the kind of life you want or away from it – and all you have to do to switch directions is turn around and start walking in the other direction. Will it take time to get all the way back? Yes. It will probably also be hard. Maybe harder than anything you have ever tried. But the reward will be in the work, and you will recognize this as the right direction.

You are enough. You have already done enough.

You are good enough to do what you are almost afraid to dream of doing.

You are good enough to go where you long to go.



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