30 Days of appreciation – Day 9

1. My husband, who is a great traveling companion and seems to be up for just about anything.

2. My vacation time. Also, my paid holidays.

3. My salary, which is enough to fund the fun life that I need to have.

4. Health insurance. I love feeling confident when I travel to a strange town that I will be able to get treatment if something comes up.

5. Hippies. They never hesitate to dance their pants off.

6. Air conditioning.

7. My mom and dad.

8. Swimming. I got in the pool at 74 degrees on Monday, and it was delightful.

9. The Weight Watchers program. When I work it, it works.

10. My weird little apartment. It’s so me. I love having a place to call home – a place that I want to get back to after a weekend away.


One thought on “30 Days of appreciation – Day 9

  1. Day 9 Wednesday 5.30.12
    1- I appreciate the reality that all the large weeds (18 inches) are gone from two of my major flower beds at my mom’s…around the pool and the island in the back.
    2- I appreciate the Tom Owen who came to my house today and worked non-stop, no food, no drink, no potty…from 9-3 and the wonderful job he has done prepping the deck to be stained. He washed and sanded ever spindle, step, and surface.
    3- I appreciate Lou Matson who has been in intensive care since May 8th just getting tired of it all. Not negative, just a right of passage if this is indeed how my friend Lou feels.
    4- I appreciate how my sister in law Jan feels if she does lose her last parent…hard not to think and grieve for self at this one.
    5- I appreciate the need to buy a $20 thousand dollar John Deere tractor when you measure those parts of your lawn that need mowing in acres. Happy my friend Keith can do this.
    6- I appreciate a good shower and clean sheets after a day of yard work that left me totally gritty.
    7- Advil and a nice pillow
    8- 49 degree sleeping weather
    9- My pony tail and headband
    10- My sun visor and flip flops

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