I just roasted a chicken.

by Amy

Almost every day, I eat the same thing for lunch: deli turkey and provolone on whole wheat bread.

I was going to buy a rotisserie chicken at the grocery store with the intention of eating it for the week – sandwiches and salads and even burritos.

But the only rotisserie chickens I found were labeled “barbeque” (shudder).

At that point, I thought I would just buy a package of boneless/skinless chicken breast and roast it in the oven.

When we got there, though, I thought – hey! whole chickens! I just roasted a turkey recently and it went pretty well. Maybe a chicken would also go pretty well!

And then I thought, no, chicken breasts are easier.

And then I looked at the price. The whole chicken was $0.88 per pound. The chicken breasts were over $3 per pound.

So I grabbed a six-pounder and threw it into the cart.

I came home and rinsed and dried it. I chopped up a few large slices of onion, mixed with sage, rosemary, and a bit of garlic and lemon juice and stuffed it loosely. I put it in a baking dish and left it in for just over 2 hours.

It was AMAZING. I tasted the breast and I let Mr. Thor taste some, too. We are both in agreement that this beats lunch meat any day.

It was much like roasting a turkey, only smaller, easier to handle, and easier to carve. Maybe if I keep roasting the chickens, by next Thanksgiving my turkey game will be greatly improved.