The “October’s Over” blues

by Amy

Between Halloween Thanksgiving, I usually experience a serious lull. The weather starts to move from “crisp” to “cold.” The leaves are mostly gone from the trees by this point, and the ones that are left are about as inspiring as pieces of torn-up paper bags.

This is pretty much how I feel this week:

October is really, really over.

This year I have been trying to stave off the blues, but – here they are! I don’t want to do much, I don’t want to work out,  my sinuses are throbbing, and I want to eat 3 boxes of Girl Scout cookies and never look back.

I have been taking walks, though, because the weather has been pretty warm and sunny. I know that I’ll regret NOT taking walks once the snow comes, and that’s what motivates me.

Lately, the days have felt like spring. Too warm, too sunny, too blue. It’s been absolutely wonderful.

A sunny, wonderful walk.

I  hate to wish away any chunk of time, but I long for Thanksgiving. All of that cooking and baking puts me in a wonderful mood. And then – well, then, there is a whole glorious month of anticipation and a growing landscape of twinkly lights to pull me through.