Sunday: Some Snaps

good gifts from a houseguest




too soon!


celebrating, a little bit closer


twinkle,twinkle, little tree

8 thoughts on “Sunday: Some Snaps

  1. I love me some pictures taken with Mrs. Thor’s eye! I think that should be a once a week feature of this blog…and on Sunday the words take a rest and the pictures come out!

  2. thanks, cathy! that was my thinking… I sat down to write this morning and just went, “huh.” nothing was really on my mind, but I wanted to get my post in for the day. then i realized that i rarely post any photos, and that would be a PERFECT thing to do on sundays. 🙂

  3. I agree with Cathy’s comment! Sunday photos is a great idea! You really do have a fantastic eye, Aim. I remember the pictures you got of a certain early morning frost like, 10 years ago or something…I still wish I could find those! They were gorgeous. I’m obsessed with the memories of those photos! And YOU were the one that captured them. Pro.

    • Katie, I think I might actually have those photos on CD somewhere. They are not as good as you remember them. 🙂

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