What we’re worth.

by Amy

There is someone out there who loves you the way you are. He will pick you first, over a state full of women who look like movie stars.

You will not have to compete with other women to get your man. You will not have to play games or bend yourself into someone you are not.

We are worth being able to be ourselves:

Brilliant, hilarious, loud, crabby, cheesy, mousy, snaggle-toothed. Bon Jovi fans, book lovers, cat lovers, overeaters, hard workers, super slackers. Grammatically correct, politically biased, and challenged in the kitchen. Mopey, hyper, Type A, antisocial.

We are who we are. We like what we like. It’s what makes us… US. It’s what makes you… YOU.

You, no matter who you are, deserve to have someone who loves you and wants you for one reason:

Your “you-ness.”

Don’t doubt yourself, and don’t sell short your awesomeness. As I used to like to say, “There is a lid for every pot.”

As I also used to like to say, “Where my lid at?” It’s hard to wait. I know it’s heartbreaking. I used to burst into tears waiting in line to get an oil change, because I wanted to meet my husband so badly.

But the thing that is more important than being in a relationship, finding the one, getting married, finding that dang elusive lid?

YOU. You matter. You rule. You are so cool. There is nobody like you, nobody with your laugh, your eyelashes, your weird triangle of a little toe, your memory, your singing voice, your sense of humor, your tenderness, your beauty, your strength.

Don’t sell yourself short, and don’t change a thing. You are worth so much more than that.