please come to boston in the springtime…

Mr. Thor and I just got back yesterday from a whirlwind trip to Boston. Don’t you love when people say “whirlwind trip?” Maybe I shouldn’t say it, because there was actually a tornado in Mass today. Do you think we left our whirlwind there?

We said that we were just going to take it easy. No plans, just meeting up with friends on Sunday afternoon and a Red Sox (!!) game on Monday night.

What actually happened? We were both like kids in a candy store, unable to stop moving, looking, touching, walking… until our bodies simply gave out under the forces of heat and/or exhaustion.

I was too hot to eat much, and in the mornings I couldn’t handle more than coffee. Mr. Thor, on the other hand, was an eating machine.

I want to write a more extensive post, maybe even a little hotel review here. But for now, I leave you with this. Sunday night, I totally and completely “crapped out” – no more walking, no putting my glasses back on, not really even getting out of bed.

the best seat in the house

However, I was also completely ravenous, as I had eaten approximately one cannoli and five slices of portabella mushroom that day and walked approximately 73 miles, also.

Apparently, Mr. Thor was more tired than he initially let on, because it took me 2.5 seconds to convince him to… order ROOM SERVICE!

The previous night, I had tentatively pulled out the menu and he scoffed. This night, he asked to take a closer look. Hallelujah.

my glorious cheese plate

I ordered a cup of clam chowdah, a wedge salad, and a cheese plate. I think Mr. Thor thought this was completely ridiculous. OK, I know he thought it was. He kept shaking his head (as he shoveled in steak) and saying, “I can’t believe you ordered THAT.”

It was wonderful, and marvelous, and everything in between. I wish I could touch 39 any night of the week, honestly.


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