Almost February? Seriously?

What happened to my New Year? It’s now more of a Gently Used Year. I have tried it on and gone out in it a few times, but it doesn’t really fit the way I want it to.

Unfortunately, the time-space continuum can’t support my request for an exchange at this moment.

Oh well. I am trying to make the most of what is turning out to be a fairly uninspiring year. I guess, when you end one year by getting married, the beginning of the following year may seem like kind of a dud.

Especially if you ring in that following year with your newly-minted husband kicking the ever-loving crap out of you in Scrabble. I guess I should have known that picking a freakishly smart partner would have at least a teeny drawback.

But I’m trying. The Mr. Thor part of life is awesome, despite his obnoxious trait of being smarter than me.

The work part of life is… well, to put it mildly, let’s all remember that “work” is a 4-letter word (Thanks for the reminder, PJ).

I have had trouble with the “other” category, though. I have had a hard  time getting going on creative projects and writing. I am creeping through books and magazines that I check out of the library. I am barely baking.

Honestly, the barely baking part is intentional. I am trying to not weigh so much, over here. When I bake, I eat – simple as that.

I did manage to crank out a few words on a short story yesterday, so I guess I’ll take that as progress. I also made buckwheat pancakes this morning, which is kind of like baking… right?

Can we start over?


5 thoughts on “Almost February? Seriously?

  1. Mrs. Thor, do remember that we’re in the depths of winter – our natural inclination is not to go gangbusters and do all kinds of external activities. It’s a time for introspection, sleeping, and watching DVDs of Forever Knight, which I have made an art form. I guarantee that by March you will be feeling the uplifting energy of spring, and you will charge into doing all those things!

  2. Ah! I totally agree with this! The promise of 2011 was much too grand for the humble and modest beginnings. It hasn’t lived up to the fireworks-at-every-turn build up it had. It’s a good year, yes. There are good things, absolutely. I am, however, ready for the life changing wonderfulness to turn up the volume a little.
    (I love the “gently used” metaphor!)

  3. Dude. You can take 9 paragraphs and make the world a more magical place. I could read your stuff all day. If it was bound between two covers, it would be my favorite book.

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