The stuff dreams are made of.

I would like to frame this post by reminding you all that I have never claimed to be completely sane and reasonable. It’s just not in my makeup.


This morning, in an odd half-dreaming state, I half-dreamed that I was cooking the ground beef I was supposed to cook last night. Only, instead of just cooking it loose or in patties, I had used a heart cookie-cutter to form small patties first. A miniature heart cookie cutter.

Hee, hee, hee. Ho, ho, ho. What a stupid –

meat hearts? Yes. I tried it.

My mom called while I was cooking them and asked what I was doing. I said, “well, I had this dream I was making ground beef in the shape of a heart, so I am trying it out.”

She replied, “wow. So you’re living the dream, huh?”

Yeah. Gotta go for the attainable ones first to build confidence, you know.

I know that they don’t really look too heart-like. They kind of look like flat meatballs. But, wait.

i did it!I know you see it. How can you not? It’s emitting a soft, angelic glow. The glow of love. True love, cooked right in. In the shape of a heart. A beef heart.

This wasn’t exactly a success, I’ll grant you. But clearly, it wasn’t exactly a failure, either.


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