happy monday.

Good Monday to ye.

This morning, I feel like I wound up on the wrong side of a steamroller. My lungs feel tired. It seems, somehow, I may have pulled a throat muscle.

That’s why Mr. Thor shouldn’t go away. Me being alone more often = me singing (and I mean, singing, like you shouldn’t even sing in the shower) more often = pulled throat muscle and possible tuberculosis.

What? I flunked out of math during the last two years of high school. And in college. Equations were never my strong suit.

I am bone tired. Dog tired. Dead tired. So tired, in fact, that not even the following euphoria-inducing news can induce any euphoria:

Mr. Thor comes home tonight!

Ok, I admit. I did feel the slightest bit of euphoria as I typed that.

Being alone for this week has reminded me what it was like when I was single. I specifically remember one really hard and frustrating day. I had just tried to get an oil change and couldn’t get in, and this happened after a few really other frustrating, crappy things like that. I pulled my car over in a parking lot and just sat there, asking my future husband where in tarnation he was, what was taking him so long, and could he please hurry because on a day like today? I really needed him.

I was always fine on my own. I got things done that needed to get done. I took care of business. But that doesn’t mean that I liked it. I always had that nagging sense that life would be more fun with a partner, especially if he was a partner-in-crime. And especially if he was 6 feet tall, hot, and blonde.

Come on, I’m human. And I was right! Mr. Thor kicks all kinds of butt. He is fun and funny and encouraging and so many other annoyingly gooey adjectives that I would lose readers of this blog if I typed them all out. He is truly my best friend, though. And he makes everything from eating dinner to getting the oil changed to grocery shopping a LOT more fun. Especially the part where he carries in the groceries and puts them away. I love that part!

So, happy Monday. I get my man back today! And, believe it or not, typing about all of that made me feel much better. More awake and happy. Almost euphoric, even.


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